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Exactly what services do you provide?

Graphic design, prepress, and digital conversion services for publishers and authors. In other words, clients send their files—Word documents, text documents, photographs, PDFs, old books for scanning—and we turn them into computer files for use in the printing and digital book industries.

Can you describe those services?

  • Cover design
  • Interior text layout
  • Prepress services, including color correction
  • Compliant PDFs to printing company specifications
  • Scanning services for capturing text or creating new artwork
  • .mobi files for Kindle
  • ePub files for Nook, iBookstore, and others

Can you help set up a book for print and ebook services such as CreateSpace®*?


What brands of software are you using?

The latest versions of industry-standard software.

Are you a publisher?

At times in the past, but not at the current time. Please don’t send manuscripts. However, assistance can be provided for getting a book in print and online, even if we aren’t acting as publisher. Email for details.

Can I contact you if I have more questions?

Absolutely. We’re happy to help, even if you need to pick our brains. Click here for information.

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